Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Guano Apes are back in the house!

Isn't it lovely when good old bands reunite for the sake of their fans (and surely for financial reasons as well) and bring back the good old memories? Although it has been quite long as I have last listened to them they remain one of my favourite, especially from my teenage years when "Open Your Eyes" and "No Speech" could be heard everywhere. Yeah, memories crawl back so fast and now Sandra Nasic and company are getting back together after a 4-year hiatus and going on a "Summer Road Race Tour" in Europe.

For the time being these are the announced dates:
30.05 Sofia/Bulgaria
05.06 Nürnberg/Germany - Rock am Ring Festival
19.06 Nickelsdorf/Austria - Nova Rock Festival
11.07 Weert/The Netherlands - Bospop Festival
16.07 Porto/Portugal - Marés Vivas Festival
24.07 Malá Skála/Czech Republic - Benátská Noc Festival

Probably more to is quite odd that only Bulgaria has a non-festival date, but I am pretty sure that they will add up other gigs.

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