Monday, 30 March 2009

My concert experience: Combichrist

Combichrist is among the most prominent names in the aggrotech/EBM scene and on 29th March they showed the Bulgarian audience that their crown is coveted with real diamonds. It took me a whole day to come back to this world after the explosive gig that Andy LaPlegua and company had for everyone who attended the Electro Mini Fest at BluBox in Sofia. It's been a while since I've been to a concert, but I have never felt that exhausted and this is the very first time I didn't take even a single photo: sorry, friends, I was busy dancing to the hell beats!

Anyways, I should start from the very beginning. As I've already mentioned this was not just a Combichrist concert, but more of a little fest with predominantly EBM music, although I am not sure what kind of a fest has only four bands, but let's not fall into details. Probably 98% of the people at the fest were there for Combichrist, and I leave 2% for some loyal fans of the others. Despite the whole fest thingy every took the rest of the participants as nothing more than a support, which is quite a pity, but they should have seen it coming. The bands as in order of appearance were: Shemale Zero, Virgins O.R Pigeons, Aesthetic Perfection and Combichrist.

Shemale Zero
I have only two words for this Bulgarian act: Please, quit! It is obvious they are trying to be original, to be provocative and etc., but they just cannot impress the audience. No wonder Mr. Zero said that we hated him...I don't hate him, but either they need to improve their stage performances or really find a new hobby.

Virgins O.R Pigeons
Obviously Greece has never been good at providing much of quality electronic music and Virgins O.R Pigeons are another fine example. The guys (despite their appearance) seem to be inspired from the Japanese visual kei movement and from the contemporary German industrial scene and they would have done it well if it wasn't for the uncertain sound they provided and the rather too growl vocalist they have. Nothing impressive as a whole and still they managed to sound quite rhythmic.

Aesthetic Perfection
I've found about this music project just a few weeks ago and I was quite pleased with their music and I was looking forward to seeing them live. Well, let's say that they were not as good as expected, but probably they were the only ones who actually managed to cheer up the crowd. Daniel Graves, the sole actual member of Aesthetic Perfection, was jumping around the scene and preparing us for Combichrist with some heavy upbeats, going from harsh growling to melodic singing back and forth. I had done my homework and musically knew what to expect, which actually made the whole experience even more satisfying.

The cherry of the harsh electro cream and the headliners of the evening. They came, they played and they made a mash out of us. Honestly I have never been that wasted after a concert and I can assure you that I have had only one beer. Music is my drug and Combichrist were my dealers for the night! Their drug caused heavy breathing, non stop dancing, harsh upbeats, everyone in sweet ecstasy and the last but not least Andy LaPlegua himself. Actually this is the very first concert that I spent entirely at the back, but I really wasn't up for being squeezed out by the dancing mob, plus I had plenty of space of my own just for my wacky dances (lol). Just a month ago Combichrist released their newest album "Today We Are All Demons" and most of us expected this concert to be mostly in support of their new stuff. Well, not really. LaPlegua sang just two songs (if I am not mistaking) from "TWAAD" and the rest was a compilation of their best known tracks, among which:
This Shit Will Fuck You Up
Sent to Destroy
This Is My Rifle
Shut Up and Swallow
Blut Royale
Today I Woke Up to the Rain of Blood
Get Your Body Beat
What The Fuck Is Wrong With You?

My personal favourite is "Get Your Body Beat", which was so mind-blowing and body-grooving and after it I was feeling like a slug! Their whole performance took my last breath, but I was ready for more and after just an hour and ten minutes they were done, this includes the encore as well! Is it because of the fest or had they really such a short setlist? We were all there and ready for more, but obviously Combichrist were not and the show was over to our dismay. However, most of us were so wasted that we should have been grateful that it wasn't a 2-hour expedition in the realms of EBM as many would have left the club in ambulances...if they were not already taken by the members of the band. Apart from Andy LaPlegua the rest of Combichrist seemed either drugged or drunk...or both. The fest ended with Combichrist breaking their instruments and with a tipsy pace leaving the scene. Oh, well, they are forgiven only on condition: if they comeback! SOON!

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