Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Wall of Shame: Miles Away...from originality?

Is Madonna out of money or out of original ideas? I doubt she's gone bankrupt, but it seems that the big cruiser with ideas has gone on a very long trip somewhere far from reach. Although Madonna has had weak videos from time to time, obviously she has decided on totally neglecting the visual part of her singles and focus on keeping the money coming straight to momma. I guess her work is going on a downward spiral, which effects on her music creativity and visualizations, which tend to sound like excerpts from a Rihanna album, than the product of the biggest icons in pop music. I wish I could pick up this song as the song of my day, but instead I listed in the wall of shame and I start to believe that Madonna has more trashy stuff coming on their way to us.

People, please, don't make the same mistake and never ever consider original anything like the following video.