Friday, 26 June 2009

Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!

Michael Jackson

(29.09.1958 - 25.06.2009)

The King of Pop is dead! At the age of 50 just a few months before turning 51 Michael Joseph Jackson, known by fans and friends as Jacko, left this world once and for all. Born in Gary, Indiana, as the seventh child of nine Michael was destined for success, starting his singing career at the age of 5. He was part of the highly successful family bands The Jackson 5 and The Jackson, which were his trampoline to solo career and stardom. In 1982 Jacko released the album "Thriller", which will remain in history as the highest selling album by a solo male performer. The string of number one albums went with "Bad", "Dangrous" and "HIStory" and tens of number one chart breakers. The 80s and the early 90s were Jackson's peak when he was virtually the biggest name in pop music and a cultural phenomenon. He paved the way for hundreds of singers, inspired countless bands and was the King to millions of fans all over the globe.

Michael Jackson broke boundaries, set new standards, reached new horizons and decided trends. Despite being the idol of generations Jacko always remained that sweet little child in his heart that sang "ABC" and was afraid to be alone. Nothing scared him more than loneliness, which haunted him for his life. Deprived of his childhood Michael never really became a full-time grown-up, often called the Peter Pan of music. His immense love to children was the hatch which splintered his career. The allegations of child molestation, the trials and his non-stop presence in the media brought him down. Although he never really showed it Jacko was disappointed with the world, which so kindly put him on a pedestal only to throw him in the dirt.

Michale Jackson's life was a constant struggle and his part was eventually torn apart by the problems he faced, by the unkind roughness of the media and the wrong decision he made. Torn apart by trials, being a regular on tabloids and discussed by everyone Jackson never had a private life of his own. He never had the chance to be himself as attention was always breathing at his neck. Through his music he craved to be left alone, but he never managed to escape the spotlight. Jacko's life is the fine lesson for all parents who are way too ambitious about their kids, as he never had the chance to taste childhood and was a full-time pop star for his entire life.

Jacko didn't really die, he just went on his anticipated moonwalk, far from all the daze of fame, from ugly rumors and the physical pain. He went to a better place where he can always remain a child, who draw inspiration from Motown singers and just wanted to dance in front of the TV. A star alive now he is a whole constellation placed next to names like Elvis Presley and Jimi Hendrix. Music will never sound the same as she lost one of her most beloved children and the deep grief that tears her heart apart will leave an emptiness, which shall never be filled again. For all of us remains Michael Jackson's legacy to be passed by generations for our children and grandchildren to know that we have lived in the era of The King of Pop!