Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Review: Eminem - Relapse

Sometimes silence is golden for real! Such is the case with Eminem and the newest add-up to his record history named "Relapse". After five years full of lows among which a pill-addiction, an eleven-week marriage to his two-time wife Kimberly Scott, the murder of his close friend the rapper Proof and producing career with a rather mild success, Eminem ended his hiatus giving a new flow to his solo music. "Relapse" is also expected to be followed by "Relapse 2", which is to be released some time this year.

"Relapse" is entirely based on the rapper's experience during his prescribed drugs addiction, as recordings started immediately after finishing his rehabilitation. This albums also marks the return of his well-known alter-ego Slim Shady, who eagerly demonstrates his indulgence into recreational drugs and craving for serial killing to some extent. Eminem sings about murdering Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan and makes fun of plenty of other famous persona. The rapper admits that apart from his own experience he has also drawn inspiration from documentaries on killers and movies dedicated to them, thus the more gruesome and darker lyrical content.

Dr. Dre is again the one standing behind the production part of this album, which is no surprise to anyone I guess. He can also be heard on two tracks: "Old Time's Sake" and "Crack a Bottle". The second one is a collaboration with 50 Cent, who is expected to release an album of his own later this year. "Relapse" is Eminem's album with the least guest performers on it for his entire career, allowing him to concentrate more on his own ideas and let them extensively develop.

Despite all the personal background that "Relapse" projects it does lack certain points of originality, sounds rather crude, distasteful and out of real emotions. Few new topics are introduced, but as a whole you have Eminem's usual dissatisfaction with the things in his private life, moaning and bitching around like violence is actually THE resolution. The mommy issue is present, as well as the love you-hate you situation with his ex-lovey-dovey wife, which have become less or more a burden in his last works. His lyrical killing spree provoked by Shady's uncontrollable drug addiction and the horror elements incorporated in several of the songs may be considered as a plus to his die-hard fans of brutality, but to the rest it may sound more of pushing things up in an unknown direction. Actually "Relapse" sounds to me as a desperate shout for help after a serious nervous breakdown and I tend to believe that Eminem is still not sure where the hell he is actually heading to.

Songs to hear: "3 a.m.", "Bagpipes from Baghdad", "We Made You", "Medicine Ball" and "Must Be the Ganja"

Personal rating: 5 out of 10