Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sticky & Sweet Tour: Part 2 - setlist and first live videos

Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour: Part 2 officially hit the road, starting from O2 Arena in London, and revealing the long anticipated setlist, as well as concert changes. With a few wardrobe retouches, new song arrangements and different backdrops, it seems that the Bitch of Pop music will kindly stick to her original Sticky & Sweet concept, which might come as a disappointment to those who have already watched the first part. Nevertheless, she is in great shape, keeping up strong and highly professional. An addition to be noted is the inclusion of the Michael Jackson element that came at the very last moment in accordance to his still-to-be-cleared death. The setlist is a bit of a mess and to be honest I am not impressed. I knew that she was going to concentrate on the "Hard Candy" material, but this whole bunch of rearrangements and sampling is slowly going on my nerves. Another thing is the absolute exclusion of "Confessions On The Dance Floor", which, let's face it, brought her back to stardom after the doubtful success of "American Life". Anyways, more to come from the Bitch and be ready to get all sticky and sweet this summer!

# "The Sweet Machine" (Video Introduction) (contains elements from "Manipulated Living", "4 Minutes", "Human Nature" and "Give It 2 Me")
# "Candy Shop"
# "Beat Goes On"
# "Human Nature" (contains excerpts from "Gimme More")
# "Vogue" (contains elements of "4 Minutes" and "Give It To Me")
# "Die Another Day" (Remix) (Video Interlude)
# "Into the Groove" (contains elements of "Toop Toop", "Body Work", "Jump", "Apache" and "Double Dutch Bus")
# "Holiday" (contains elements of "Billie Jean" with excerpts from "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'")
# "Dress You Up" (contains elements of "My Sharona")
# "She's Not Me"
# "Music" (contains elements of "Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit", with excerpts from "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life")
# "Rain" (Remix) (Video Interlude) (contains elements of "Here Comes the Rain Again")
# "Devil Wouldn't Recognize You"
# "Spanish Lesson"
# "Miles Away"
# "La Isla Bonita" (contains excerpts from "Lela Pala Tute")
# "Doli Doli" (Kolpakov Trio solo) (Dance Interlude)
# "You Must Love Me"
# "Get Stupid" (Video Interlude) (contains excerpts from "Beat Goes On", "Give It 2 Me", "4 Minutes" and "Voices")
# "4 Minutes"
# "Like a Prayer" (contains elements of "Feels Like Home")
# "Frozen" (contains elements of "I'm Not Alone" with excerpts from "Open Your Heart")
# "Ray of Light"
# "Give It 2 Me" (contains elements of "Fired Up!" (Club 69 Mix))

Spoiler alert! Do not watch the videos, if you want to be entirely surprised!