Thursday, 9 July 2009

Review: Motor - Metal Machine

"Metal Machine" Motor's newest album release is not your usual summer-hits blaster or your regular electro relief for the late night. It might have been conceived as a minimal project, but ended up offering a good load of techno, acid house and a narcotic pinch of electroclash, eventually mashing into a groovy bad-ass night filled with handfuls of ecstasy and happy faces. Not that the duo of Mr. No and Bryan Black have found America, but "Metal Machine" carries that specific charm of being intimate and open with this mechanical live we've put ourselves in and actually not feeling guilty about it.

Trying to find the right words for this record I find myself sucked into the steel loops and sent to another dimension where words express nothing. Words mean a lot of things, but when they are not present they can absolutely anything you want. Motor refrains from using proper vocal tracks as an attempt to stay closer to the true essence of music itself, being smothered and ambiguously understood by the vanity and complexity of words. "Metal Machine" is all about the music and keeping it real, despite the 100% artificial origin of this album.

Songs to hear: "Schism", "Jacked Up", "Glu" and "Death Rave"

Rating: 7/10